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100% Pure Pine Horseshavings Premium Quality Playground Mulch

Premium Quality Playground Mulch

Playground Mulch at Wood Mulch Products is high quality Playground Mulch. City and County facilities throughout Florida use our product in their parks, and playgrounds. State wide school boards also use our Playground mulch in their play areas. With all of our products you will be guaranteed top quality customer service and assurance.

Premium Colored Mulches
Available In 2 & 3 Cubic Ft Bags

Like all our mulching products Premium Mulch absorbs and retains moisture evenly and is ideal for plant growth, and also adds organic matter to the soil. Our Premium mulch creates a decorative texture for flower beds, edging and shrubs, and are made from renewable forest products.

Organic Mulch
Available In 2 & 3 Cubic Ft Bags

Organic mulch was once living material, but now it can be used in compost or in this case directly on the garden. Besides the obvious reasons to use mulch, to retain moisture in the soil, eliminate weeds, and reduce erosion, organic mulch has a couple other benefits. Because organic compost will originate from your very own yard, you save money that you would have spent buying bags of mulch. Second, because organic mulch does decompose it will be adding beneficial nutrients to your soil, improving the quality.

Horse Bedding
Available in Large, Blend, or Fines.

Our product is kiln-dried, eliminating bacteria, mold and other harmful micro organisms. Some horses can be allergic to cedar shavings, whereas our comfort Bedding is made from 100% Pure Pine.


Mulch Colors

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Premium Mulch

Wood Mulch Products, Inc. main priority is supplying you with a variety of colors. Some of the companies we supply mulch include:

  • • Theme Parks
  • • Public Playgrounds
  • • Public/Private Schools
  • • Public Parks throughout Florida
  • • Public Municipalities
  • • Professional Landscape Contractors
  • • Wholesale/Retail Yards

Horse Beddings

Most horse lovers board their horses in outside paddocks and are continually searching for a suitable bedding medium. Don't risk your expensive investment on wet or hard footing. To promote longevity and maximize performance, give your horse that extra dryness and cushion where the hoof meets the ground.

  • • Kiln Dried for Maximum Absorption
  • • Triple Screened To Minimize Dust
  • • Manufactured From Renewable Forest
  • • 100% Pine
  • • Absorbs Moisture
  • • Minimizes Mud From Rain
  • • Keeps your stall dry